Oracles have been around for most of humanity’s history. Mankind has used weather, the way birds fly, the appearance of unusual beasts, the moon, eclipses – you name it – to try to see into the future. People would visit Oracles as they were were thought to be in touch with the gods. Now, our oracles tend to be images on card, but the answers they give are still powerful … and usually more accurate than we might wish them to be!

Devas of Creation

Depicting the whole of creation, even before the immense energies of creation, through the energies that form all existence, right down to the smallest known quantum particles.

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The Multi-Dimensional Devas

Delving into the multi-dimensional universe and offering us options on how to reach our highest potential, our mirror to the universe, who we are, and what we might become.

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The Book of the Dead

This is unlike any deck you’ve ever used. With Death as the starting point, it moves up into the Afterlife and the paths each of us may take once we cross into that mysterious realm.

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Devas of Creation

The Devas of Creation is a unique and stunningly beautiful oracle deck that can be used for spiritual growth and self-awareness, on its own or with any other relevant tarot deck. It was painted in acrylics, pastels, and oils. Readings with the cards are always thought-provoking, accurate, and profound.

The deck consists of 72 original images, with 36 depicting the unmanifest energies of the universe, and 36 showing planets, seasons, and earth-based environments.

The cards are accompanied by a book and sturdy box. The cards are, like most of my decks, sized 88x126mm. They were one of the first borderless decks to be published.

Each card is clearly numbered, so reference can be made to the book, but the cards are best used without recourse to the reference guide. That way your intuitive talent will improve, and you will find all your readings enhanced and augmented- sometimes in surprising ways.

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Possible Human



The Way

The Multi-Dimensional Devas

The second Deva deck looks into the concept of multi-dimensional universe – eleven dimensions of creation. Like the Deva deck, it can be used for (extremely accurate) readings on its own, plus for spiritual growth, counselling, and oracular guidance.

The deck has 48 cards and was painted in oils.

There are eleven spectacular dimensional images, and nineteen that delve into numinous energies and qualities. Then there are nine shadow energies, and nine that offer us different ways we could approach the future.  The last few cards indicate how humanity might advance into a higher, more connected future.

The cards are accompanied by a book and sturdy box. The cards are, like the Devas, 88x126mm, borderless, and each card is clearly numbered, so reference can be made to the book.

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The Book of the Dead

This is an Oracle deck like no other. Painted in oils between April-May 2020, during the first lockdown of the Covid-Pandemic, it looks with compassion and wonder at what we  might experience after death.

The deck consists of 48 images, beginning with Death, and moves step by step along the four possible paths that our spirits could follow after crossing to the ‘other side’.

The cards should be used with care and respect. They can be seen as an offering and the desire to have a respectful connection to the dead, and the energy that we encounter when we approach the deck in that way can be quite breath-taking.

The cards are, like many of my decks, painted in oils, and are accompanied by a 124 page book and beautifully-made box (with foil on card sides and backs as well as on box and book cover) They are 88x126mm in size, with small titles on the foot of each card. The deck will be available in October 2021.

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Group Soul





2nd Chance

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