Talks and Workshops

Over the last few years, I have been collaborating with colleagues to facilitate workshops. Although I’m not planning any workshops in the near future, I am recording a walk-through and talk on The Old Gods Tarot. In addition, reviewers such as Simon of The Hermit’s Cave, Kelly Fitzgerald of Truth in Story, and Lisa Papez, usually have interesting thoughts on each deck … you’ll find links on the dedicated pages.  



This workshop, which took place over three hours and two weekends, delved into how living in a multi-dimensional universe would affect our lives. Some like the idea of ‘being fifth-dimensional beings’ but (not surprisingly) have no idea what that really means. Living with a sustained connection to the higher dimensions means having a more integrated connection to ourselves – shadow and light, inner and outer. The current pandemic puts us all under stress, and to a large extent governs how we live, now and in the future. The workshop looked at how we could expand ourselves.


This workshop offers participants a chance to think about how the last year has been, and how we would like the world to be once the pandemic dies down. It’s been a difficult year, that’s for sure, but if we expect everything to fall into place miraculously, we’ll probably be disappointed. So what changes would we like to see in the future, and what can we do to bring them about?
The workshop took place at 18.00 GMT, 24th and 31st March 2021, on Zoom, and registration at Cost: £20 for each workshop, or £30 for both. Please note, we will be recording this so if you would prefer not to be included in the recording, please let us know.