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Author of The Intuitive Tarot (published by St Martin's Press in 2004) and the Devas of Creation, published by cc3 Publications, London, in 2014, 
Cilla Conway is an intuitive artist who works priimarily with the concept of alchemy and archetypal energies. 
'Cilla's art is very powerful, appealing to the inner realm, to knowledge or experiences long hidden or long forgotten, a shared world from a different time or frequency'. 

Cilla has a new tarot deck, the Byzantine Tarot, being published in May/June 2015, in collaboration with John Matthews (The Wildwood Tarot, The Lost Tarot of Nostradamus, The Camelot Oracle, The Steampunk Tarot, etc) See Cards for more details STOP PRESS - ALSO SEE Cards FOR DETAILS OF THE Channeling Angels and Devas WORKSHOP!

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  • Neil,

    ‘I was very impressed by your caring but firm attitude, the way a number of fairly hidden things within myself were identified and illuminated, and the way both general and specifically practical advice on how to change things was offered, but not forced upon me.’ Neil, Shropshire

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