The Multi-Dimensional Devas
Cilla Conway

 mostThe concept behind The Multi-Dimensional Devas  is that there are multiple dimensions of consciousness that lie all around us. Matter is not the fundamental particle – Conscioiusness is. 

As with the Devas of Creation, through these images we are able to explore the devic realms, though here it is a different kind of exploration – not the creation of the universe, but the different layers of Consciousness.

There are 48 cards in this deck, each one a work of art in its own right. Like most of Cilla Conway’s recent decks, it is painted in oils.

How this deck began...

Someone saw the image above – Firmament – which I hadn’t been able to include in the Devas of Creation, and asked if I could please create a second Deva deck to include itAt the time, I was wondering if there was a new deck calling to me, the concept of a multi-dimensional universe in particular.  Considering no-one has any idea what they would be like, it was an interesting project. I began with the idea of an eight dimensional universe, but eventually realised that there were more likely to be eleven, particularly as scientific theory of branes and superstrings favour an eleven-dimensional universe. So there are 48 cards in this deck – eleven dimensions, devic and conscious essences, shadow energies, environmental concerns, and finally what humanity might become (given a bit more wisdom and a following wind).

The Qualities

As this is not a tarot deck, it has no suits.

The cards are divided into Dimensional cards,
Angelic, Creative Essence, Essence,
Qualities, Psychic Qualities,
Shadow Qualities, Earth Issues,

and finally, what is possible – for humanity and for the world.

The MultiDimensional Devas will be available

later in 2020

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The Devas of Creation

An oracle deck with 72 cards, it depicts the Devas, multi-dimensional energy beings that hold the blueprints of creation. The deck shows all aspects of creation envisaged energetically – Creation, invisible energies, and the physical world

The Multi-Dimensional Devas

The second Deva deck looks more closely into the multiple dimensions of creation. It contains 48 cards and can be used with the original devas, with the tarot, or on its own. Again painted in oils, it is another challenging deck from Cilla Conway.

The Book of the Dead

This deck, due to be published in early 2021, is an Oracle deck. It offers a pictorial reference on what may happen to us after we die. The images and ideas are based on Near Death Experiences and it’s intended to shine a small light of hope into an unknown Realm.

The Intuitive Tarot

The first edition of this deck is now a collectors’ item. The 2nd edition has identical imagery but is larger, and borderless apart from the black title. It is available from the Shope page at

The Shimmering Veil Tarot

Published in 2020, this is the latest tarot deck to be created by Cilla Conway. Painted in oils, it is the same size as The Intuitive Tarot (2nd edition). The cards are borderless, with elemental suits and titles as symbols in the lower right hand corner of the cards.

The Byzantine Tarot

This deck, produced in collaboration with John Matthews, was conventionally published by Red Wheel Weiser, and is now apparently being reprinted. It should soon be available again, after going OOP briefly in 2019.

Review 1 of the Multi-Dimensional Devas

Cilla Conway’s new oracle deck, The Multi-Dimensional Devas is a breathtaking advance on her first oracle deck, The Devas of Creation.

The Devas of Creation explored the devic presences that presided over the creation of the Universe, and are immanent within reality. The Multi-Dimensional Devas explores consciousness itself. This deck envisions consciousness as the fundamental particle of the Universe that underlies and unifies all things.  48 cards reveal the Devic essences of ten dimensions and different levels of consciousness such as the Angelic, the Creative Essence and Psychic Qualities.

Each card is an extraordinary oil painting.  The colours are vibrant.  Different cards show overtones of  William Blake and Francis Bacon (to name but two) but all are unified by the unmistakeable imprint of Cilla’s brush.

To give you a taste here are three particular favourites of mine: 

  • The Wisdom Keepers reveals the powers that oversee such fine vibrational archives as the Akashic records.

  • Hubris expresses the spirit that informs the overweening confidence of homo sapiens in piercing flames of fire and ice.

  • Dreaming the Future portrays the impulse to dream the best we can as a precursor to manifesting it – a powerful yet ethereal deva presides over the planet.  The guidance is there if we will seek it.

 Use these cards with your Devas of Creation pack or alone.  They may be used to add insights to a Tarot reading.  They may guide you into the infinities of your innermost consciousness or out into the eternal awareness that underpins everything we do, everything we are. You will be shown wisdom and wonders.

Liz Cruse, May 1st 2020

Review 2 of the Multi-Dimensional Devas

I believe this deck and guidebook is a channeled experience with the Devas. The Devas speak here, as guides “…through the eleven dimensions of Conscious: from the single one-dimensional point of the First Dimension…to the unimaginable complexity of the eleventh, which the deck suggests is Cosmic Consciousness.” The Devas exist beyond restrictions of time and space, so while my initial reaction to The Devas 2 is that we need this deck today, I continue to keep my faith with The Source, knowing that divine timing is happening all around us.

Jamie Madison-Boyd, AS, BFA, MA, MFA


sReview of Cilla Conway’s Devas of Creation

After working with this deck for several months, it’s clear that Cilla Conway stands in a class of her own and is way ahead of her time.

Amidst a sea of countless oracles out there that repeat the same overused concepts, keywords, and images, the Devas deck takes us on an unconventional journey of 72 highly evocative original paintings that invite us to see and feel what the Creation of the universe might have looked like.  From the total darkness of the Void (Card 0), the deck explodes into white light and then beautiful color to reveal an imagined portrait of Source consciousness.  Progressing through the deck, each card depicts repeating expansions and contractions, the patterns and movement of energies (Devas) as they play upon the elements through 10 illustrated cycles, or Emanations, of Creation.       

With no keywords or phrases on the cards to distract, the images bypass the critical left brain to evoke sudden intuitive and emotional reactions.  Peering closer, what looks to be an abstract painting becomes something discernible, yet still ambiguous. The guidebook is invaluable here, and Cilla does not disappoint.  Her clear explanations of how the Devas’ energies shape an evolution of meaning directly relevant to the Emanations of our own lives, belie a deeply intuitive and profound understanding of mysteries and concepts that escape us all. 

For me, the deck lends itself perfectly to introspection and the spiritual, as it offers a vision and framework for me to understand how the Creation energies are directly connected to the human experience of change, conflict, pain, fear, growth, courage, honor, and love.

This deck is a must for anyone who wants to expand the psyche and visualize, connect with, and understand the physical and non-physical energies that shape – and can be used to shape – our own reality. 

Laveta – May 2020