Cilla Conway


My favourite medium is oils, but I use most media. My paintings are mythic, dreamlike, and often paradoxical. I also don’t like work to be too obvious.

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A selection of some recent talks sessions, as well as further details on upcoming workshops with partners.

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Tarot is the oldest best-known oracle, usually containing 78 archetypal images such as Mother, Lovers, Justice. The cards are a mirror to our Selves.

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A litte infomation about me, and how I ended up where I am, doing something that I really love, in a beautiful part of the world.

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Oracles are a way to gain self-knowledge. They do look into the future, but they are not ‘fortune telling’ devices. Like the tarot, they are a reflection.

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This is (as someone famously said) not a blog. It’s a place where I muse about life, the universe, and everything.

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Announcements / News

The most important news is that this website is now online!

But the next most important news is that the Multi-Dimensional Devas, the companion deck to the Devas of Creation, is now available. The pre-order discount is now over so … you’ve missed it.

My newest deck, the Book of the Dead Oracle, is off to the printers in a week or so, but I don’t expect it to be ready till the end of 2021.  

I’ve managed to get some copies of the Byzantine Tarot to sell – this is conventionally published so can be obtained through Book Depository or Amazon (…) as well as through me.

This deck, which was a collaboration between John Matthews and me, was painted in egg tempera), and comes with a lovely box and book.


Limited Supply...

I have been able to secure a limited amount of The Byzantine Tarot – don’t miss out!

My most popular deck

Shimmering Veil has been my most popular deck, if you haven’t got your copy what are you waiting for!

Multi-Dimensional Devas have arrived!

The wait is over, and you can finally get your hands on my latest deck – the Multi-Dimensional Devas are waiting for you…


My art has been described as ‘Stunning … a wealth of meaning in each image’.

Thought Provoking

It is intended to be thought-provoking and quite ambivalent.

Something else?!

Viewers say they continue to find new elements in my work, even years later!

What Customers Are Saying

“When I looked the images of the Shimmering Veil deck on the website, I was a bit shocked and very pleased to see reflections of some of the things I saw as a child of seven during a near death experience, and later during dreams. And, as I viewed them last night on Simon’s review, the backs of the cards capture so much of the Light I experienced.” 


Kay P. Colorado, USA – 2020

“First things first. I was dazzled by The Byzantine Tarot when I saw it being used online, but when I held it in my hands, it took my breath away. Cilla’s art is simply gorgeous, in colour and in style, and the finish on the cards is perfect for giving iconic designs a golden sheen. But there is so much more to this deck than its beauty (although admittedly, this is hard to get past!).”


Pengwen, for TABI magazine – Jan 2021