Cilla Conway


My favourite medium is oils, but I use most media – the Old Gods Tarot was painted in Photoshop – not collaged. My paintings are mythic, dreamlike, and often paradoxical. 

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A selection of some recent talks sessions. I’m not running any workshops at present.

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Tarot is the oldest best-known oracle, usually containing 78 archetypal images such as Mother, Lovers, Justice. The cards are a mirror to our Selves.

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A litte infomation about me, and how I ended up where I am, doing something that I really love, in a beautiful part of the world.

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Oracles are a way to gain self-knowledge. They do look into the future, but they are not ‘fortune telling’ devices. Like the tarot, they are a reflection.

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This is (as someone famously said) not a blog. It’s a place where I muse about life, the universe, and everything.

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Announcements / News

You probably already know that the Old Gods Tarot is here and selling well. It’s an octagonal deck: there are 80 cards including 2 Fools and a Wild Card. The numbered cards are pips, so you’ll need to brush up on your numerology (there’s an illustrated section on both in the the book). There are four or more deities in each Major Arcana, with three on each face card. The face cards are unusual: in 

this deck, the Queens are Goddesses, and the Gods support the Queens – and while this may not be news to you, here IS some news you may not have heard about:

there is one more deck in the pipeline. Called Oracle of the Future, it already has its own website, but won’t be available till 2024.


The Old Gods are here...

and are watching over us…

My most popular deck

Shimmering Veil has been my most popular deck, if you haven’t got your copy what are you waiting for!

Multi-Dimensional Devas...

I think this is one of my best decks, it’s exceptionally deep, utilising all the dimensions in the universe…

Limited Supply...

I have been able to secure a limited amount of The Byzantine Tarot – don’t miss out!


My art has been described as ‘Stunning … a wealth of meaning in each image’.

Thought Provoking

It is intended to be thought-provoking and quite ambivalent.

A lovely comment…

‘Such amazing decks!!! Revolutionizing the world of Tarot and intuitive Readings for the XXIst century!’

What Customers Are Saying

“When I looked the images of the Shimmering Veil deck on the website, I was a bit shocked and very pleased to see reflections of some of the things I saw as a child of seven during a near death experience, and later during dreams. And, as I viewed them last night on Simon’s review, the backs of the cards capture so much of the Light I experienced.” 


Kay P. Colorado, USA – 2020


cc3 Publications, London, 2021

This is, perhaps, one of the most important oracles printed in our time …What is also central to this deck is the great beauty of the cards – many as mysterious as life itself – and the wonderful production values applied to them….”

John Matthews, September 2021