This is not a blog. It’s a place for me to put down thoughts, images, whatever I want. It will be public – or at least, I think most of it will be public.

JANUARY 1 2021

1st January is a good time to think, especially after the year we’ve just left behind. So many people have been saying we need to get away from the old Normal, not go back to it (usually people with more than one brain cell to rub together). But even if so many of us want a new way to live, with more equity, less poverty, fewer fat cats, fewer self-serving politicians, those same fat cats and politicians will not go quiet into that dark night. They won’t want to lose their wealth, status and power.
My first thought was, apply force. But I’d just been reading Matthew Fox’s thought for the day (well worth reading even if you are completely non-religious, like me) and in it Charles Eisenstein had a meditation.. One of the thoughts that sunk in was that change has to come from the heart, from the inside out. It can’t be imposed from outside. That of course is more difficult (at least on the surface) than taking guns and cannon and rocket launchers. But those systems don’t last.
The Chinese have applied one idea – centralised control, but under that is capitalism. (If he were alive now, Marx would say that Money, and Stuff, are the opium of the people. Have you got your weekly fix of yet another gadget or designer shirt?) But it’s still short-term. The control and lack of freedom is still there.
So what will work? *We* have to change, we have to stop buying all this crap we don’t need, and we have to wake up to the fact that – if we don’t – the world and its treasures will die… and so will we. If you’ve got this far down, you probably agree with me anyway, and if you don’t, you won’t care anyway. Maybe you’re some of the people who kill lions for fun. Well, if so, you know what you can do. I’ll gladly help you along the way.

But if you agree – let’s start waking up.

Reading for the World, 31/12/20

If you don’t agree with my interpretation, do your own reading.
I used the Devas of Creation, and the questions were:
Will the world situation iprove in 2021? Answer – Immanence (the card I call Gabriel). It’s a lovely card although the angelic being seems to be a little stuck on earth when it wants to fly. But it’s an incredibly strong being, so we know it will take off. We have to keep the faith and carrying on believing we can fly, in the end. (The cards are rather more optimistic than I am, I have to admit.)
What do we have to do, to get it to improve? Answer – First Light. This is when the blackness of the void / nothingness (before Creation) shifts slightly and begins to turn into a flame of deep indigo-violet, and then turquoise light. The next card in the deck is the explosion of light and power that is Cosmic Creation. I usually see this crd as some new vision taking root in the universe. It’s certainly time for that. Past time for it.
Will there be a big change of heart, hopefully somewhere in the middle of the year? Answer – Harvest reversed. That is highly ambigalent, especially with the reversal. One could say that our harvest is Covid-19 and Climate Change, and the extinction of thousands of different species. Normally Harvest is a lovely card, warm and promising. I would say the reversal is not so good.
The last card was for me personally, and made me laugh. It’s the Insect card, which I always see as doing the work you love, and working hard. No change there, then.